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Premium Lab Bedding Since 1955

Reliability of Proven Performance

Northeastern Products Corp. pioneered the use of wood fiber-based products for contact bedding in Laboratory research and has been an accredited supplier to the NIH for over 40 years.

The experience and expertise gained by 60- plus years of manufacturing wood beddings has enabled Northeastern Products to revise and continually improve its methods, facilities and techniques.

Wood fiber beddings are held to the tightest standard in the industry and we are proud to say that our products consistently meet these standards.

Exacting Raw Material Selection is Critical to a Safe, Quality End Product

All Northeastern Products’ wood fiber beddings are processed from debarked, virgin logs that have not been exposed to chemicals or fertilizers through their life cycle.

The raw material is obtained from primary lumber mills to eliminate the possibility of any chemical treatments or additives to the wood.

Suppliers’ facilities are visited regularly to assume compliance with our strict standard.
Since by-products of the lumber industry are used, no wood harvesting is done to provide the raw material.

State-of-the-Art Production and Quality Control

All equipment used in the transport and manufacture of wood beddings is dedicated to this purpose, ensuring an unadulterated, consistent end product. The process is a closed system which reduces the possibility of contamination, and all facets are continually monitored.

The heat treatment to 800°F reduces bacteria and dehydrates the product, which enhances absorbency and shelf life of the bedding.

Careful sifting and aspiration ensures a clean and dust-free end product.

Value and Versatility

Wood bedding remains the most cost-effective product on a cost-per-cage basis.

A variety of configurations of wood beddings in either chip or shaving form is available for almost any contact application.

All beddings are packaged in autoclavable bags and can be safely sterilized.

Northeastern Products’ multiple plant locations that service a national distributor network provide excellent product availability and reduced freight expense.

The Secret to Our Success

Northeastern Products started processing cellulose wood fibers in 1955. Our business began by serving the furrier industry, various industrial markets and supplying animal bedding products. In 1968, the demand for consistent, controlled bedding for sophisticated laboratory animal experiments became apparent. In that year, we pioneered the concept of using fiber from a virgin log to meet these animal bedding needs. We collectively initiated and marketed the concept of a “Wood Chip.”

In 1972, we became the sole supplier to the Carswoth Company, packaging our product under the “ISO-DRI” label and simultaneously marketing to government installations independently as “BETA CHIP.” In the same year, we were awarded the contract to supply the National Institutes of Health and have maintained the status of acceptable supplier to that institution ever since.

From our initial experience with the laboratory animal community to the present, we have improved our facilities and techniques in a concentrated effort to provide better quality products.

As changes come about in the laboratory industry, Northeastern Products stands ready. We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas.

We hope that the information we have provided makes you feel secure in the knowledge that our expertise and research with wood fibers earns us the reputation as “THE LABORATORY BEDDING SUPPLIER.”

The next time you order bedding — remember these reasons to contact us first:

• Highest standard of quality
• Superior performance and service
• National distributor network
• Excellent facilities
• Innovative techniques
• Leaders in animal bedding since 1968

We owe it to ourselves to provide the best bedding your dollar can buy. You owe it to yourself to know YOUR supplier . . . and its techniques and procedures.

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