SOFTZORB – Regular & SOFTZORB Enrichment Blend

Lab bedding

SOFTZORB – Regular & SOFTZORB Enrichment Blend

Paper-Based Laboratory Animal Bedding

This new revolutionary paper-based bedding is processed from unprinted newspaper and is formulated to provide a superior environment for all small animals.

Northeastern Products’ new contact laboratory animal bedding raises the standard for the industry

Highly absorbent and fast drying

Virtually dust free

Thermally treated to effectively reduce microbiological contamination

Formulated to control ammonia

Safe, clean and biodegradable

Easily composted or disposed

The texture of soft pellets and curly flakes provide a dry, dust free, comfortable nest with significant advantages over other alternative bedding materials

Soft Texture

Plush, natural texture prevents matting and provides comfort

Ideal for post-operative animal care

Absorption Properties

Absorbs at least three times its weight
in liquids and dries faster to extend cage-changing cycle

• Processed to provide odor control by
inhibiting the breakdown of uric acid
into ammonia

Laboratory Applications

SoftZorb has been dehydrated at 200ºC,
effectively destroying bacteria, yeast
and mold

Virtually dust-free from the aspiration
and sifting processes

Available in an Enrichment Blend texture with soft paper flakes to encourage
nesting and sorting

Package Type

50-liter autoclavable paper bag for
easy handling

Compostable, incinerable and

All bags coded with production date

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